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Mindfulness And Productivity For A Best Me Life

The Journal You'll Actually Stick With In 2019!

The only journal encouraging both Mindfulness & Productivity for a Best Me Life.

The Best Me Life Journal is chock-full of simple and effective methods to help increase your energy, focus and wellbeing. These methods have been proven to raise both your productivity & success rate over a 3 month period, in both mind and body.

Made from vegan leather we encourage the monogram personalisation of the luxury journal. We want users to feel it's a real part of their everyday.

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Best Me Life Courses

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Learn everything from Life Coaching, Mindfulness, Reiki and Crystal Healing, to Business, Web Development and Cryptocurrency diploma courses.

Let's keep feeding that Growth Mindset.

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Learn A New Skill With Best Me Life Courses

Get Started With Your Accountability Partner

Be accountable to yourself, Be disciplined, Plan out and work on your goals each day.

Practice Mindfulness for a happier state at times of stress & hold yourself accountable with weekly performance reviews.




More Benefits

The Game Changer

20 minutes each morning is a small price to pay to feel effective, focused, happy and driven for the rest of your day. The Best Me Life Journal is designed to make you, your best 10 out of 10. Built to be carried with you every day and stay by your side, the luxury (mock moleskin) vegan leather journal can be personalised with your initials, making it yours both inside and out.

Your Goal Getter Mindset

The Best Me Life Journal is your new side kick. It’s been proven that writing your goals down and regularly having them in-front of you can rewire your habitual state of mind and ultimately lead you to achieving your goals.

Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your life.

Order yours today and see how it helps you reach your goals.

10X Your Ouput

Assign and align your daily tasks to bring you to your short and long term aspirations. Whilst reviewing your weekly progress in order to effectively track your journey to success.

Personalise your focus and work to being accountable for each hour of the day. Only you control your happiness.


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