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Productivity & Mindfulness For A Best Me Life

Become The Best Version Of You. Increase Focus, Beat Procrastination & Achieve Your Goals Quicker With The Best Me Life Journal.

The Planner You'll Actually Stick With

Productivity meets Mindfulness for you this year.

The Best Me Life Journal is chock-full of simple and effective methods to help increase your energy, focus and wellbeing. These methods have been proven to raise both your productivity & success rate over a 3 month period.

Made from vegan leather we encourage the monogram personalisation of the luxury journal. We want users to feel it's a real part of their everyday.

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Calum Best | Best Me Life


Vegan Leather Best Me Life Journal

Identify Your 3 Goals

Once you've selected the right journal for you. Write down your three goals daily. Making sure your daily tasks are proactive and not reactive to what everyone else wants from you. Work on remaining accountable for each half hour of your working day.

Plan Your Day, Everyday

Your daily task manager will help you breakdown these goals into manageable daily actions using elements of the pomodoro technique. Whilst keeping your larger goals constantly in the forefront of your conscious and subconscious mind.

#SetupSunday Weekly Review

Each Sunday we focus on reviewing your happiness and  productivity from the week just passed.  You will be amazed at how far you have come. Sundays are now for reviewing your week just gone and planning how you will conquer your new week ahead.

More Benefits

The Game Changer

20 minutes each morning is a small price to pay to feel effective, focused, happy and driven for the rest of your day. The Best Me Life Journal is designed to make you, your best 10 out of 10. Built to be carried with you every day and stay by your side, the luxury (mock moleskin) vegan leather journal can be personalised with your initials, making it yours both inside and out.

Your Goal Getter Mindset

The Best Me Life Journal is your new side kick. It’s been proven that writing your goals down and regularly having them in-front of you can rewire your habitual state of mind and ultimately lead you to achieving your goals.

Change your thoughts, change your actions, change your life.

Order yours today and see how it helps you reach your goals.

10X Your Ouput

Assign and align your daily tasks to bring you to your short and long term aspirations. Whilst reviewing your weekly progress in order to effectively track your journey to success.

Personalise your focus and work to being accountable for each hour of the day. Only you control your happiness.

Best Me Life Fit

Personal Fitness Journal

Body & Mind Fitness.

Introducing Best Me Life Fit. The personal fitness journal enhancing the transformation of your body, mind and spirit, 90 days at a time.

Helping you create healthy habits, inform the right choices and encourage consistent action in and out of the gym.

The unique Best Me Life blend focuses on body fitness, nutrition and mind fitness each day as well as gratitude, goal setting, and affirmations.

Best Me Life Fitness Journal

"Make A Plan, Write It Down, Work On It Daily"

~ Calum Best

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Working to this mantra for the last five years has seen me push myself to new heights. So much so, I wanted to be the one to bring the BestMe formula to you. If you want to smash your output and be the Best version of yourself I highly recommend getting yourself a BestMe Journal subscription and committing to bettering yourself . Start where you are today with what you have at hand. You won't regret it in a years time! x

– Calum Best - Founder, TV Personality and Entrepreneur

I absolutely love my BestMe journal. I recommend it to the thousands of students taking our courses across Europe and US. Through focus and dedication, the BestMe journal has been the biggest influence in allowing us to open up our first US office this summer (2017). We are now a global business set to triple our revenue within the next year. Thank you for the continued focus.

– Chris - Director, New Skills Academy


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