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Be Your Best, Fit Self in 2018

Be Your Best, Fit Self in 2018

Best Me Life Journals are all about enabling you with the space to manifest the best version of you. We give you a blank canvas to write out your daily, weekly, monthly goals. With daily use, your Best Me Life Journal will last you three months. The Best Me Life Fit Journals may last you longer as you probably will not be training 7 days a week. 

With 2018 having started, it’s now the perfect time for you to reassess your goals for the new year. Maybe you want to progress in your career, turn your hobby into a moneymaker, or get fit. The problem is that making resolutions for the new year doesn't work, and 30% of people who make resolutions give up after a while.

Let us help you stick to your goals for 2018, with our step by step guide to making yourself your best, healthy self.

1 - Start small

Don’t aim to do a serious, intense workout for 45 minutes a day, everyday, in the gym. This can seem daunting and could cause you to join a gym and pay money every month for a service you don’t use. Start with small goals like taking 15,000 steps a day instead of 10,000. Maybe decide to actively get off your bus a stop early or take the stairs and not the escalator when you’re in the shopping centre. These small goals will make a difference in the long run.

2 - Throw away the takeaway

Getting a takeaway is probably something you treat yourself to once every week: a Friday or a Saturday. You try to go for the healthy option but these options are never really that healthy. Many takeaway foods are full of added sugar, salt or MSG, not to mention the excess oil that’s use to cook with. These are all hugely detrimental to your health. Try to limit yourself to takeaway once a month, and go for a Thai dish rather than a pizza or chippy. Limiting your takeaway consumption will lower your waistband and your monthly expenses.

3 - Allow yourself to slip

If it’s lashing rain and windy all day, chances are you don’t want to get off the bus a stop earlier or walk those extra 5,000 steps because you don’t fancy getting drenched. That’s okay. We’re all human and we all make mistakes and we all falter sometimes. You already feel guilty enough about skipping your exercise, don’t make it worse on yourself. You’re human, not perfect.

These 3 things are the most important steps to becoming healthier in 2018. Start small, a few extra steps a day, a few less junk foods a month, and take it from there. If you miss your step goal for the day, that’s okay. If you have a few biscuits that you didn’t plan to, that’s okay, too.

It’s hard to change your lifestyle, and it can feel overwhelming if you push yourself too hard. Just allow yourself to be human. You’ll be living your Best Me Life before you know it.

Our new Best Me Life Fit Journal is available for pre-order. It comes in Rose Gold and Silver and will assist in getting your 2018 to an organised, structured and rewarding start.

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